Gold in perfume’s ad

Gold is the colour of Luxury. In many ads we can see gold colour. There are gold dresses, gold furniture and gold bottle. Gold is a trendy, sassy and sleek colour. It’s perfect for perfume’s ads. Gold is rare, so advertisers want to give the impression that the product is rare too.



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Emporio Armani Diamonds Ad

Again a new ad for a perfume with a famous singer: Beyonce. She is very famous in the world, she is the queen of the R&B.

Now she is the muse of the new Emporio Armani perfume.

In this ad she sings, she dances, and she wears a smart diamonds dress. This ad looks like a clip for a song.

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Coco mademoiselle 2007

 The new ad for Coco mademoiselle.

The heroine of “Pirates des Caraibes” plays the new face of the perfume. she plays Gabrielle Chanel version 2007.

View of Paris, we can see the flat of Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle flat was re-created for the film. Keira is dressed in smart red dress she plough though the crowd of admirer and she walks in the black night of the place Vendôme. 

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 Chanel has beautifull ads for their perfumes. They use in its adverts celebrities to promote its perfumes: singers, actresses, and models. There are Vanessa Paradis, Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss….

 Now, we are going to see ads for Coco mademoiselle perfumes. In 1992, the first ad was with Vanessa Paradis a famous frenchwoman singer.

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 In 2000 the first ad for “Dior J’adore” was with an model : Carmen Kass. she is a top model and she works for many brands.

In each ad for this perfume there is “gold”. There are many aspects you can find in each ad : a fair hair woman with a beautifull dress.

 Ad with Carmen Kass

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Endorsement is the act that a celebrity does a ad for a brand.  Toady a lot of brands use “endorsement” to promote their products.  A celebrity has more power than an unknown.

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J’adore analyse

In the ad of “Dior J’adore” we can see many elements of Dior’s codes. In fact, she wears a smart gold dress and she moves in splendid flat. The flat is decoratedwith many elements of Dior’s code. There are the colours white and grey, the Louis XVI chair and the medallion.

This ad is very interesting because it’s the mirror of Dior.

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it’s the second ad for the perfume “Dior J’adore” , in this ad you can see a beautifull woman, a nice place with a beautifull decoration. In this advert we can see the main aspects of a luxury ad.

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For the perfume “Dior j’adore” an important advertising campaign was created. For “Dior J’adore” 2 TV spots were realised, one with a model and the second with Charlize THERON. Dior wanted a new face for the perfume. And Charlize THERON is a famous person. To see the second ad wait next week!!!!  

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This ad is hype and glamourous. we can find main aspects of the luxury.

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